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- How are the images created and edited?

GALLERY photos are taken with a Nikon digital SLR camera (D4s and D610). The files are minimally retouched (mainly luminosity and contrast) and are sometimes cropped. I believe it is essential for the final image to truly represent reality. #nofilter

- Why are the number of prints of a particular image limited to 30 copies?

The value of an image depends on its rarity. A fine art print is only considered as such if it respects certain conditions. In line with French law on art, no more than 30 copies of an artwork may be produced, regardless of the format or finish used. Beyond 30 copies, the work is referred to as a poster. When there are no more copies available from the print run, the artist commits to not reprint any further copies regardless of the form they may take.

- How do you guarantee the authenticity of the artwork?

A certificate of authenticity is created for each piece. The name of the print, its image, the number of copies, the print number, the printing date, the format, the printing technique and the artist’s signature are all shown on the certificate.

This is a formal guarantee of the authenticity of the work and certifies its value. This certificate of authenticity is sent separately from the work. Keep it in a safe place.

- Where are the prints made?

Prints are made in a professional laboratory named PICTO, in Paris. The choice of paper or other support materials is made by the photographer in collaboration with the laboratory. The images are guaranteed to last for several decades.

The work is delivered ready for hanging. Small images can be hung with a basic adhesive hook with a 6 cm diameter. Larger images feature upper and lower rods to prevent them from touching the wall and give them a floating appearance.

- What makes the INSTAMAGIC series different?

These images, sometimes taken with an iPhone, all come in a 25x25 cm square format. They are printed directly on brushed aluminum Dibond, which shows through in the white areas of each photo. Print on plexi like "Dyasec", the high gloss surface will give a deep view effect and vibrant colors!

As The Gallery, you can also print the Instamagic on a high sensitive Fujiflex Crystal Archive paper mounted on Dibond. Print, Aluminium or Plexi, these materials give the work a resolutely modern feel.

- Which image, format and finish should I choose?

First, if you need any help, CoCo, the photographer, is always available to offer advice!

Choosing the image is easy: simply listen to your heart! As for the format and finish, it’s a matter of preference. As a guide, think about where you plan to hang the work. Consider the surroundings and colors in the room and choose based on what would look the most harmonious.

You can start by browsing the prints page.

- When should I order just a print?

You should order a print on its own when you have a precise idea of how you plan to frame it – or, if you have no idea. In that case, you should take some time to think about the frame you want or speak with a professional who can advise you. The artist can also provide you the finition you would love to have.

- How long does it take to get a print and how will it be delivered?

Due to the production time, you should allow for around two weeks for your order to be shipped. The order must be paid for before it is shipped.

All the prints are shipped by PICTO lab in Paris. For details, read their shipping conditions here.

Prints are shipped rolled in a reinforced tube. They are wrapped in tissue paper for protection.

Mounted prints are protected with tissue paper then rolled in bubble wrap before being shipped in a cardboard container.

Shipping fees and times vary depending on where you live and the total weight of your order (print + finish + packing).

Generally speaking, you should allow for 48 hours for shipping (via Colissimo or Chronopost in France). For other locations, please contact the photographer.

Within Paris, home delivery by the photographer is possible.

- How do I order and pay?

Using the contact form, simply indicate the title of the photo you want to order as well as the format and support material and a quote will be sent to you by email.

Once the quote is signed and validated, production of your print will begin once payment is received by bank transfer only.

In line with the conditions set out in Article L.121-1 of the French intellectual property code, “the author is entitled to respect of their name, quality and work. This right is inseparable from the person. It is permanent, inalienable and imprescriptible. It may be transferred upon the author’s death to his or her heirs.”


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