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Fine art print, limited edition.


Each print is limited to 30 copies, regardless of size and finish.

Each image is exclusive and printed limited edition*.

Size and edtion:

30x45 cm: edition of 5 prints: 190€ttc**

40x60 cm: edition of 5 prints: 310€ttc**

50x75 cm: edition of 6 prints: 450€ttc

60x90 cm: edition of 6 prints: 580€ttc**

80x120 cm: edition of 4 prints: 700€ttc**

PANORAMIC 30x90cm: edition of 30 prints: 250€ttc**

Plus 4 Artist's proofs (any size)

Print and Finish:

Print is dated, signed and numbered and is delivered with a certificate of authenticity.

Printed on Art paper, plexi or alu.

For the finish, the print can be framed..

The classic fine art print or multiple combinations for a unique piece.

Whether it is a piece you can’t live without or a veritable collector’s item, this ensures it is a unique artwork.


For information about pricing or other questions, please use the contact form.

* Can slightly change depending on the image

** Price is based on a Fujiflex Crystal Archive print, mounted on Dibond 2mm. Price can change at any time.

The photos shown on the website are not free of rights. All images are the exclusive property of the photographer Corinne Dubreuil and may not be used for any purpose by a third party without the express written consent of the photographer. If you would like to use one of these photos, please contact CoCo.

Print mounted on Dibond

Floater frame

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